My Proposal to Megan MacGillivray

I know that people usually like this kind of stuff, so I thoEngangement Announcementught I would write out the story of how I asked the most beautiful girl in the world to be my wife. So here goes nothing!

Before Megan and I started dating she had told me how she always wanted to go to Disney World because she absolutely loves everything to do with Disney. I told her that I grew up less than an hour drive away from Disney World and she was more than a little jealous. We started dating about seven months ago and I knew that I wanted to marry her about two months into it. I went ring shopping around that time and found the perfect ring. I instantly knew that the perfect place to propose would be at Disney World in front of the Cinderella Castle during the fireworks. So, we planned a trip to Florida so Megan could meet my parents and we also made plans to visit Disney World (and I planned to propose there, but she didn’t know that). So, we got to America and decided to visit Disney World the first Saturday of our stay. While we were talking to my sister, she suggested that we try and go to Be Our Guest, a replica of the Beauty and the Beast ballroom, for dinner. It was then that I learned that Megan’s favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast, so of course I wanted to make this happen for her. I went online to make a reservation and was let down when I found out that they were fully booked for the entire day. I thought I would have more luck if I called, but they told me that their reservations were fully booked for the next six months. I was even more determined to get a table at this stage. I went back online and decided to click “reserve” over and over hoping to happen upon a cancellation that I could snatch up. After about an hour of what seemed like a futile mission I was offered a table for four at 7:20pm! I clicked “book reservation” as fast as my finger could move! “I got it!” I exclaimed. It was time for a change of plans; I was now planning on asking her during dinner at Be Our Guest.

We left early the next morning and arrived at Disney just after they opened. Megan was like a little girl in a fairytale the entire day. I thoroughly enjoyed watchin
g her the entire time. She kept saying over and over, “This is the best day ever!” and with the ring safely in the zipper pocket of my shorts, all I could think was, “Just you wait!” It was all I could do to keep it inside.

A couple of hours before our dinner reservation Megan wanted to visit some of the gift shops. While she was doing that with my niece “I’m just going to go check on our reservation” I said to her. I actually was going to ask them to help me with the proposal. The manager was extremely helpful and offered to help out by giving the waiter specific instructions for our table. A special dessert platter would be brought to her with the big question written on it in chocolate. So, after a chFullSizeRenderange of clothes, we all made our way to dinner.

My heart was pounding during dinner and it seemed like it was taking an eternity. Megan left the table to visit the restroom and I said to my niece and friend who were with us, “Is it hot in here?” they both laughed at me and told me that it was in fact freezing cold inside the restaurant. Megan returned and we all finished our dinner. My heart was pounding to the beat of “Wipeout” when the waiter approached our table with the dessert cart. It was time to ask the big question. So many thoughts ran through my mind all at once. Did he remember the Ring Closeupplatter? What if he drops it? What if she hates the ring? What if she isn’t sure? How is my hair? The waiter placed the platter in front of her as her eyes glanced down toward the table and focused on the big question. Her eyes filled with tears as I removed the ring from my pocket, got down on one knee and said the most cheesy words that had ever come out of my mouth, “Megan, will you make me a part of your world?” She looked at me with a smile and exclaimed, “Of course I will!” We finished at the restaurant and hurried to the castle to watch the spectacular fireworks display as a newly engaged couple. It was a spectacular day!


2 thoughts on “My Proposal to Megan MacGillivray

  1. Gab,
    A great story about an original location to propose. You picked a beautiful ring. I wish you guys a great life together.
    God Bless Both Of You,
    Jim Crowhurst

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